National Commission for Advancement of Women & Children at Shanghai for Research

Zhang Li from National Commission for Advancement of Women and Children attached to the State Council, led a group of four to Shanghai on November 6-7 for a research tour on new agenda editing and a nation-wide project of "Bring Happiness and Safety to Families". Zhu Qianwei, deputy director for Administration of the local commission companied the research group.

The research group had two meetings during their stay in Shanghai to cover the two topics and hear comments and suggestions from her local colleagues on important issues concerning women and children' advancement and challenges ahead.

Zhang enjoyed her discussions with professionals from the local authority for medicine and health. The topics covered were difficulties and suggested counter tactics while in implementing the current Agenda for Advancement of Women and Children, how to make up in the next Agendas, ways for summing-up and etc.

Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF presented her report on a proposal for family education legislation together with details about its framework, development of a healthy environment and mechanism necessary to enhance family education. Professionals present at meeting also gave some suggestion and advise.

Zhang Li visited Pudong and Fengxian Districts to understand better how the Project "Bring Happiness and Safety to Families" carried out in local communities.

After listening to their reports, Zhang highly spoke of progress achieved by the two districts and commented that Shanghai had always been leading the way in advancement of women and children and made a tremendous contribution to the national program to enhance women and children progress. Zhang further asked her colleagues in Shanghai to mainstream those successful invention into Agendas for Women and children and turn them into policies whenever possible, against the current requirement to modernize ability and system of governance.

The research group visited Jiading and Changing Districts, where it toured a theme park on family education, a township park for children and drama theater for children and etc.