Delegation from Macao Women's Federation at SWF

On November 25, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF received a delegation of 12 from Macao headed by He Dingyi, president of Macao Women's Federation, and had a cordial conversation with the coming delegation at Jing-guo-yuan.

Weng extended her welcome to the delegation from Macao during her talk and mentioned that SWF group visited Macao last year and had been left with an impression of progress achieved by the Macao Women's Federation. She stressed that the two groups met again in Shanghai was of good opportunity to deepen cooperation and friendship established since, so as to enhance advancement of women in two cities.

While responding to hostess, He recalled the days in 1999 when SWF delegation visited Macao, which just returned to the embrace of the motherland. She mentioned that she came to visit SWF at the very year when PRC was celebrating its 70th anniversary, which was of great significance for sure. She also mentioned that in the past 20 years, Macao had taken on a new look thanks to a generous help and assistance from the central government and people of whole nation. She was personally for what President Xi said that one-nation-and-two-policy was successful based on Macao's practice and success.

The Macao Women's Federation has been practicing the policy for One-Nation-Two-Policy since it was born and giving a full play to Macao advancement has been an object and value for the Federation, who strive to unite women, 53% of the Macao population to cherish PRC and Macao as well. For years, the Federation has done a lot to facilitate child-nursing, family education and improvement of local women. At present, the Federation would do what it can to support fully the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR in his governance.

Lin Wanmei, chairperson of the Federation and Zhuang Linlin, vice chairperson of the Federation were also present at the conversation.