Training for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Women-Operators Held in Shanghai

On November 13, the first training course was held in favor of unmanned aerial vehicle girl-operators at Jing-guo-yuan.

Xu Peili, former vice President of SWF, Jin Weiqing. deputy director, Dept.of Development and Liaison and Jing Huiru from Shanghai Charity Training Center attended the opening. 15 girl candidates would be trained for the coming Contest for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Xu addressed the trainees that it was the first time to include a girls-headed sub-contest, in a bid to inspire more girls to raise their interest in science and technology, which was certainly conducive to the enhancement of citizens'  knowledge of science and technology. She urged girls at training to cherish opportunity they were given.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Contest had been held for three years in a running and it was the first time to arrange a sub-contest for girl-operators only. The Contest for 2019 would open soon in December.