Seminar Held in Shanghai to Free Poverty

A seminar was held on November 19 on "Poverty-Free, Policies and Households Development" at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences with Yu Xinhui, president of the Academy, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF attended and addressed.100 people joined the Seminar discussion.

A few topics were covered at the seminar such as experiences gained by Shanghai in support of the state policy to alleviate poverty, relationship between poverty-free and households' development and etc. Wang Xiaolin from Fudan University, Wang Lifeng from Shanghai Authority for Cooperation and Exchanges, Xiang Rong from Yunnan University and Hua Yi from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences shared the seminar their research papers on lifting poverty from the Chinese people. In addition, best practices from the local districts as Xuhui and Songjiang were cherished by the participants as well.

Bao Leiping, research fellow from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences did a summery in which, she said that an assistance to poverty-stricken families was an important subject for the state policy of Poverty Alleviation. She furthered that a series of policies as ideas of blood-transfusion to interrupt poverty passed on to the next generation, inspiring poverty-stricken families to find their ways out and assisting those family members to find jobs or get educated were all deserved to be stressed for research.