Shanghai Festival for House-keeping' 2019 Open

On November 18, 2019 Shanghai Festival for House-keeping started at the Open University. It was organized by Shanghai Association for House-keepers, Shanghai Service Center for Women and Children and Open University, and supported by local authorities for commence, development and reform and women affairs.

VIPs from the local authorities including Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, Lai Xiaoyi from the Committee of Commerce and Zhang Jing from Open University addressed the opening. Over 400 people were present at the meeting including the model house-keepers.

During her address, Xu of SWF stressed that CPC and government gave house-keeping an attention, as it became an important part of the city life and played a unique role in enhancing employment and improvement of city life. Xu called her staff to support house-keeping trade and gave it a support to have the trade scale-enlarged and quality-upgraded.

It is the tenth year of the Association for House-keeping since its birth. Zhang Lili, President of the Association presented a ten-year summery.

At the opening, an alliance of house-keepers across cities along Yangtze River was established in a bid to facilitate the development of the trade in the days to come. Best traders and best trainers for house-keeping and best house-keepers were recognized and awarded at the event.