Japanese Entrepreneur to Aid Women Competitors to Contest Recognized

Shanghai Contest for Women Business-Starters' 2019 ended with a great success recently. Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF received an entrepreneur from Japan who financed the Contest and had a cordial talk with him and his team at her office.

Weng gave an introduction to the entrepreneur and his team on women encouraged to start business in Shanghai and progress achieved by SWF in enhancing equity between men and women and guiding women to start business based on their wishes. Weng extended her thanks to the Japanese entrepreneur for his financial support for many years of long standing. The Japanese entrepreneur responded that he had an attention to the Contest for years and was more than happy to see a diversified commerce pattern present in Shanghai and ready to do something in favor of Shanghai women.

The Japanese entrepreneur came from Tokyo and has provide SWF with funds for the Contest for Women Business-Starters for 17 years.