Curriculum for Family Education Prepared

SWF hosted a seminar on November 14 to discuss the possibility for a standardized curriculum for family education. Specialists from Fudan University, East China Normal University and etc. came to the seminar to join the discussion.

Gu Xiujuan from SWF started the seminar with her general introduction to family education in Shanghai. Specialists at the seminar had a heated discussion on topics as development of teams of lecturers, data base for family education and what to do next. Eventually, all arrived at the following four suggestions as pursing for legislation of family education and including it into Shanghai Regulations for Life-Long-Education when possible, intensifying training programs for trainers to ensure family education successful in terms of its quality, furthering studies on family education with emphasis on case studies, in addition to basic studies over important issues and a forecast for family education, attracting more social workers and organs to join in the family education studies and making a good use of medias of all kinds to give a wide coverage of ideas about family education and make it known to local communities.