President Wang at SWF for Research on Family Education

Wang Ronghua, president of Shanghai Institute of Family Education came to Shanghai Women's Federation for a research tour on November 12. Liu Qi, vice president together with Gu Xiujuan, secretary-general to the Institute attended the research.

Wang listened to a report presented by Liu on issue of the term of office change for the Institute, including potential candidates for president, vice presidents and etc. Wang acknowledged the progress for the term of office change and made suggestions concerning presidentship and a workplan for the next term. Wang urged the group to carry on its strength in advocating new ideas and knowledges on family education, so as to help more families to do family education in a right way, he further urged the group to facilitate an interaction among school education, family education and community education and make a good use of its strength to provide the local government with comments and suggestion for government policy-making.