30th Anniversary for Shanghai Union for Women Scientists Marked

Shanghai Union for Women Scientists held a meeting on November 9 to mark its 30th anniversary of the Union birth.

Women academicians form the Chinese Academy of Sciences as Ye Suhua, Wang Enduo and Zhang Yonglian attended the meeting. VIPs from SWF, Shanghai Association for Writers and CPC Commission for Science and Technology were invited to the event as well. The others present at the meeting were staff from local Commission for Science and Technology, SWF and etc.

The Union was set up in 1989. In the past 30 years, with 340 senior scientists as one, it has succeeded in leading women scientists to contribute to science and technology development and providing services to women scientists and local community as well. At the meeting, Wang Wei, president of the Union and Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF addressed the participants to celebrate Union's 30th anniversary and recognize outstanding contributions that senior women scientists made to the local and national economic development. The other popular women elites as Ye Suhua, an academician, Lei Qunying, First-class Winner in 2018 for the local prize for science and technology and etc. also made talks at the event.

Liu Yan, head of CPC Division for Science and Technology highly spoke of the Union in his speech. He said that the Union made a full use of its strength to gather women scientists together and guide them to make a contribution to a local target to become a center for scientific invention. He said further that women scientists were certainly as better as male scientists, who held up a half sky with their power. He expected women scientists to carry on their advantages and make a bigger contribution to Shanghai in its way to become a metropolitan with its strength in scientific and technological invention.

A cultural creation center to reflect a life of scientists and technologists was set up at the event and poems created by women scientists were presented to mark 30th anniversary of the founding of the Union, too.