SWF-Headed Researches Finally Assessed

A final-assessment was held at SWF on November 9 for its research projects. Over 40 people attended the Final, who were either from the local Commission for Advancement of Women and Children, SWF Administration or from local Government Center for Researches on Development.

At the Final Assessment, 10 research team leaders presented their summery of researches, including potential tendency predicted and difficulties derived on subjects of elements affecting women's health, bullying at school campus and conflicts at marriage and families and etc. Reviewers read their papers and carried out discussions with the team leaders over topics as how to turn gaining from researches into practice. Reviewers recognized performance and progress achieved and put forward suggestion and advises as well for improvement. Research team leaders accepted suggestions and advices and pledged to have papers revised in the next step to ensure researches qualified.

In the next stage, SWF was going to divert its attention to turning gaining from researches into practice soon to assist a drive for modernization of city governance system and ability as well.