Gu-Styled-Embroidery Praised

Five-month-long Contest on Women-made Handcrafts had its Award Ceremony on November 8 at TV Station in Hubei Province. Wang Jianzhang, vice chairperson of SWF attended the ceremony. An embroidery piece named "Lost Cultural Legacy Returned from Overseas" was listed on the best 32 pieces of all handcrafts.

To carry on the tradition of the Chinese intangible Cultural legacy is certainly duty of all Chinese citizens. Shanghai team to the Contest did it best to study unique features of 33 pieces of lost cultural legacy seriously and turned them into embroidery of Shanghai style, in a bid to help the locals to get known better of our national intangible cultural legacy. SWF presented to the Contest not only Gu-Styled-Embroidery, but also other local legacies as straw-woven handcrafts, Shanghai-Styled-Cotton-Woven-Cloth and etc.

In the recent years, SWF keeps guiding and supporting local women to start business on their own with effective channels and services.