Shanghai Women's Federation Welcomes Delegation from Kyrgyz, Republikasy

At the invitation of All-China Women's Federation, Zamira Akbagysheva, chairperson of Women Congress, Kyrgyz, Republikasy, led a group of six to visit Shanghai on November 4-8. Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF and Weng Wenlei, Wang Jianzhang, vice Chairpersons of SWF met with the group.

An assignment ceremony was organized at Shanghai Service Center for Women and Children on November 6 coupled with an exhibition on handcrafts from Kyrgyz, Republikasy. Weng of SWF assigned an agreement with her colleague from Bishkek and both attended an exhibition of handcrafts from Kyrgyz, Republikasy later afterwards.

At the assignment, Xu of SWF made an address, in which she commented a relationship between two countries as one of good neighbors. She mentioned that she went to attend 2nd Women Forum for Shanghai Cooperation Organization held at Bishkek, which left her a very good impression.

Zamira Akbagysheva highly spoke of President Xi, who suggested to set up a women forum for women organizations to get to know each other. She commented that the Chinese experience could be a good reference to many developing counties. She presented a Medal to Xu to show her gratitude to Shanghai Women's Federation. She further commented that an agreement assigned between two was expected to be a good start for collaborations between two in the days to come. Besides, Handcrafts displayed at the exhibition were very much appreciated by the local visitors.

The delegation visited a couple of sites during their stay in Shanghai, including the second China International Import Expo, Career Women Organization attached to Shanghai Trade Union and etc.

It was the first time for delegation form Kyrgyz, Republikasy to visit Shanghai. However, its visit would be certainly conducive to intensifying exchanges and cooperation between two in the future.