Minsk Delegation form the Republic of Belarus at SWF

Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF met with a delegation from Minsk, the Republic of Belarus headed by Chairperson of Women's Federation in the Republic of Belarus on November 8.

Weng gave an introduction to the coming group how women in Shanghai got involved in the political, economic, social and cultural advancement. Weng also briefed the delegation SWF's efforts to enhance equity between men and women and social environment for women to work and live. The delegation leader from Minsk expressed her hope to further collaborations between two organizations under the framework of twin-sistership of the two cities, especially in projects as Shanghai Forum for Women Advancement hosted by SWF and Forum on Mather hosted by the Republic of Belarus. The visit was ended with an agreement assigned for collaboration by two organization in the days to come.

It was the second time for SWF staff to meet with the Women organization form Minsk, since SWF set up her contact with its colleagues in Minsk.