A Meeting to Enhance Employment Held in Shanghai

In the afternoon of Oct.28th, Shanghai Women's Federation held a meeting to enhance employment through turning jobless women into household service workers. SWF leaders, together with 20 staff from household services offices attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Ms. Chen Xi-zhu, advisor to the Association for Household Service made an orientation to start the program for training. Mr. Huang He from Employment Division, Shanghai Authority for PR and Social Security addressed the meeting by stressing that aiding the poor via facilitating household service trade was of importance and urging SWF to ensure her training program carried out regardless of rain and shine. In the end, Ms. Zheng Yi from SWF, mentioned that doing a good job of household service would do good to the poor free from poverty, therefore, staff and divisions concerned should have a better understanding of its importance and necessity. She further called for a combined mechanism established among all to support the program.

At the meeting, the authority of PR and Social Security assigned with Shanghai Association for Household Service for a contract, in which the Association was entrusted to carry out collaboration in household service between Shanghai and Gui-zhou Province and Shanghai and Zun-yi city. A modal training for household workers was presented at the meeting for participants to observe.