Training on Family Education' 2019 Issued

From Oct. 22 to 24, a training class on family education was held at East-China Teachers' University with 207 staff from SWF and local educational authority present at the training.

At its opening, Ms. Liu Qi Vice Chairperson of SWF made an orientation, in which she mentioned that the year of 2019 was an important one for family education project, as All-China Women's Federation called for a project to keep families happy and safe, which gave a special attention to family education and Guidance over National Family Education was under revision for updating. What was more that 2019 was also the important year for the nation to implement Five-Year-Plan from 2016-2020 for Family Education. Ms. Liu stressed that guidance for family education was what parents and families need. For the above-mentioned reasons, Ms. Liu urged the trainees to take the training seriously and do what they can to do a good job in learning and practicing.

The training enjoyed its colorful curriculum, both general and basic, which covered topics of introduction to the National Guidance, stages and features for children during their growth and etc.

Three-day-long training course was cherished very much by trainees with 90% of them who commented it excellent.