All-China Women's Federation at Shanghai for Research

From Oct. 22nd to 23rd, Ms Zhang Dong-mei from All-China Women's Federation came to Shanghai for a research tour on household service development. Ms. Xu Feng, Chairperson of SWF companied her research tour in Shanghai.

In the afternoon of Oct.22nd, Ms. Zhang went to a Service Center for Families at Jia-ding District to observe with her own eye its operation in honor of aged in the local community, including its charging for service and variety of service. Ms. Zhang recognized the achievements made by the Center and gave her instruction on issues related as how to make service reachable and how to keep service workers team stable.

On Oct. 23rd, Ms. Zhang went to Cao-he-jing Neighborhood, Xu-hui District, where she visited a household service modal and a grass-root woman organization and observed their services offered to the local community. While talking with staff there, Ms. Zhang highly spoke of their performance in keeping quality of services stable updated with a high reputation. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang went to Pu-dong District, where she visited a service center attached to Pu-dong Division, SWF for a research tour on household service available there.

Based on her research tour in Shanghai, Ms. Zhang commented that SWF did an excellent job in running her household service by paying an attention to client needs, updating quality of service and qualification of service workers, which offered the nation a good experience to share with. She furthered, in line with an instruction from the State Council on enhancement of household service, woman organizations at all levels should work closely with the local government to improve household service in terms of service scope and quality. She urged her colleagues to carry out a training program to give a solution to challenges as poor quality and shortage of service supply. She furthered that woman organizations should mobilize more jobless women to get involved with required profession and confidence. In the end, Ms. Zhang expressed her hope that SWF would do her best in taking a leading role in this respect for her colleagues across China.