Autum Class No.2 Started at Shanghai Girl School for Invention

On Octber 18, Shanghai Women School for Invention started her Autum Class again at Shanghai Authority for Meadealogy. The Class hosted by SWF and Shanghai Union for Red-Flag-Banners, was designed to focus on enhancement of Four-Brands unique of Shanghai by enrolling women elites from all walks of life for in-service-training.

Wang Jianzhang, vice chairperson of SWF attended the opening and made a speech, while VIPs from Shanghai Authority of Meadealogy, Shanghai Bai-lian Incorporated and Shanghai Union of Red-Flag-Banners were also present at the opening.

At the Opening,Feng Lei, deputy director of the Authority for Meadealogy delevered a welcome speech to all the participants to the event and Kong Chunyan from the Authority disclosed knowhows about weather changes. To be followed, participants were guided to visit functional sector and museums related with meadeaology. Shanghai No.1 Department Store was also opened to the participants to help them experience personally joyful shopping in Shanghai, where a Red-Flag-Banner from the Store gave an introduction to a project in action to enhance Four-Brands Drivethere. Fan Liqun from the Store shared his knowledge of reform and transition happened for the Store in the past 70 years and stories about a group of Shanopping Brands erected since, thanks to efforts made by its staff with Red-Flag-Banners in particular. During the tour, women elites from commercial business were proude of presenting to participants their personal charm and strength in business operation. Wang Jianzhang from SWF commented that the School was such a classrom where women were able to enrich their knwoledge and ability as well. Wang encoraged all women participants to keep alert in learning new knowledge and skills and learn from each other not only in the same trade but also those from other trades. She inspired the School to do a good job in summing-up its past experience in running classes and strive to offer a better service in honor of participants to its class.