SWF held Meeting for "Neighbor Mother" Project Deployment

On October 18, SWF held a deployment meeting for "Neighbor Mother" Project, with participants from related organizations in 16 districts. Gu Xiujuan, head of SWF Family and Children Department also attended.

Gu briefed Premiere Sun Chunlan's guidance on works about caring the left-behind children and children in difficulty, All-China Women's Federation's requests on women's federations' work on family and children nationwide, and helped participants understand their works better. She hoped that everybody can contribute their wisdom and efforts to the "Neighbor Mother" project, so as to help the children gain their senses of security and happiness, and thus create a warm and harmonious big family.

Wen Guowei, deputy researcher of SWF, explained the management and work flow for "Neighbor Mother" project in details.

Wang Chunhui, former chairperson of Chuansha Town Chapter, SWF, shared the participants her work experience in "Neighbor Mother" Project in 2013, to help them work on their projects better.