The Most Charming Family' 2019 Disclosed in Shanghai

On October 19, the 16th Household Cultural Festival was open at Huangpu District with SWF and Department of Propaganda, Huangpu District as its hosts.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, Gao Yun, secretary of CPC Division, Huangpu District and Tang Hongtao, deputy director of City Authority for Civilization attended the event together with over 500 civilians from the local community.

The Festival used a tool of VR to present the audience charm of those families honored "The Best Family" in China as well as in Shanghai and "Passionate Guys in Huangpu District" coupled with pictures provided by the locals to reflect their lives in the past and stories behind those pictures.

There were 326 families honored "the Best Family" for the year of 2019 in Shanghai, among whom, they included a couple, public toilet-clearers, borne in 80s of last Century, Zhou Yucheng family, working for Chinese nuclear weapons course for two generations, Cao Peng family, devoting their efforts to helping children of autism and Yu Yao family, throwing themselves into public welfare program without any hesitation.

The Family Cultural Festival has been turned into a unique card to reflect Shanghai's picture in civilization enhancement with looking for the most charming family as its core. SWF together with her divisions have organized programs in different forms as taking family history, carrying on family trees, talking on family morals and etc. to encourage family traditions carried on without stop and found out over 7000 families honored since 2014.