PRC's 70th Birthday Marked by SWF Together With Her Colleagues in United Front Circle

On October 8, SWF hosted a-day program to mark PRC's 70th birthday among its colleagues in United-Front-Circle, who were SWF staff and Red-flag-Holders honored.

In the morning, participants at the program visited Zhoupu Township at Pudong District to get detailed information about roles women organizations at grass-roots played in the local economic development. In the afternoon, they listened to a lecture presented by Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF on state policy on equity between women and men and a picture of women advancement. After the lecture, women elites at the program shared with each other women advancement in their circles and had a heated discussion over issues as care for the child-less aged and balance between career and family for career women. Weng encouraged them to bring to SWF issues related with women advancement for drafting proposals to the coming congress, so as to draw an attention from the local government and the public for legislation.