SWF Chairperson at Chang-ning District for Research

On October 11, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng went to Changning Chapter, SWF for a research tour together with her colleagues from Divisions of Families and Child-care and Legal Right Protection. VIPs from Changning District companied her tour.

Xu started her tour by visiting three nursing facilities established in community, where she inspected their kitchens, classrooms and playrooms and had talks with nurses to understand better of the situation on nursing points at community. During her tour to four nursing points, Xu firmly recognized the efforts made by non-governmental sectors, as well as their strength in running earlier-school-education project in the benefit of the local residents.

In addition, Xu visited a woman organization established recently in an office building located at Hongqiao Development Zone, where she urged the organization to do her best to serve career women at the Zone with her strength, who were expected to play a leading role in business-starting among women in Shanghai.

Xu went to law service center at Changning District, where she questioned in detail how was the picture for family disputes taken care of in past years, checked files related afterwards and had a chat with law workers if they had any difficulty in dealing with law cases they came across. In the end, Xu led her team to a psychological center for knowing more about its projects on counseling and training for families and SWF new-comers.