Household Service Ready to be Up-graded in Shanghai

On October 9, a meeting was held at Jin-guo-yuan to upgrade quality of household service in Shanghai. Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, Zhang Lili, president of Shanghai Society for Household Service and Huang Yu from Shanghai Authority of commerce attended the meeting, together with other 120 related participants in the field.

Xu pointed out that an instruction from the State Council provided us with an opportunity to call on enhancement of quality for household service. She furthered that SWF was ready to perfect its alliance for household service workers and offer trainings available for workers under an up-to-date requirement, in a bid to turn more household workers into one of high qualification.

In line with the instruction from the State Council on enhancement of household service, Xu said further that SWF was ready to take several steps to enlarge its collaboration with colleagues out of town, such as setting up an Household Service Alliance for Aiding the Poor in order to match an operation for facilitation of employment for women established in those areas Shanghai was asked to assist with, joining in an effort with her colleagues in cities and regions along the Yangtze River to set up an alliance in household service for enhancement and etc. Xu disclosed that SWF was all for household service legislation and would do its best to give legislation organ and government a support.