14th Agenda Drafting for Women & Children Advancement Started

On September 29, a meeting was held by Shanghai Commission for the Advancement of Women and Children to draft a new agenda for the coming five years.

Wang Sizheng, president of Shanghai Society for Micro-Economy presented a lecture on how to draft an up-to-date agenda for women and children advancement against New Era today. Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, executive deputy director for the Commission attended the meeting and made a speech as well. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Qianwei, executive to the Commission with over 70 people related present at the meeting.

Wang detailed on how to gain economic development and livelihood of high quality from seven perspectives during his presentation, which was impressive for agenda drafters to broaden their vision and confirm their direction to approach. Xu of SWF stressed during her speech that women and children advancement was a long-reaching plan for a city's sustainable development and enhancement of citizens' quality. Xu pointed out that on one hand, we should seize time to have a good start of agenda drafting, on another hand, we shouldn't leave the 13th Agenda uncompleted.

Regarding drafting a new agenda, Xu requested her colleagues to focus on new demands and new challenges derived along the city's development, give an attention to concerns related with the national and city's economic development, as well as people's livelihood. In the end, Xu urged her colleagues to do a good job at planning, targeted researches and finding solutions to new demands and new challenges ahead, in a bid to present a better agenda in the benefit of women and children in Shanghai.