Seminar on Marriage and Child-Care Held

On September 27, a seminar on marriage and child-care was jointly held by Shanghai Institute for Marriage and families, Shanghai Society of Women Studies and Shanghai Base for Child-Raising at the Head-woman's-homes, which was a research project registered with Shanghai Association for Social Sciences.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF attended the Seminar together with her colleagues from SWF Office, Shanghai Base for Child-Raising and Shanghai School for Woman Cadres.

Sun recognized an effort jointly made by her colleagues from different departments. She pointed out that it was a good idea for Shanghai Base for Child-Raising to take woman, family and children as its research targets and a good practice for it as well to take up a research project from Shanghai Association for Social Sciences together with the two research institutes. Sun hoped that two research institutes would offer more to guide SWF and her team in woman and family advancement.

Four specialists were invited to the Seminar to cover topics from perspectives of laws, psychology and sociology. Ge Shannan, a lawyer presented a speech as legal protection for youngsters in devoice cases, Ma Chuan from East-China University of Politics and Laws, talked about power control and sensational manipulation in case of intimate relationship, Qiu Jiqing from Shanghai Jiaotong University elaborated on anxiety by parents today derived from child-raising and etc. Zhu Xueqin from Shanghai Base for Child-Raising presented her research on anxiety of mothers and a healthy view on marriage and child-raising.