Woman's home Project 2019-2020 Upgraded

Based on its assessment for the first group of woman's homes a year ago, Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF)was ready to have its second-round assessment to upgrade quality of woman' homes from 2019 to 2020.

About 100 woman's homes applied for the assessment had their leaders trained on September 24 - 25 by SWF. The training was made up of classroom education and field activities, in which, trainees listened to lectures on enhancement of woman's homes project today, methods on woman's homes development in ways of project-running, esthetics on community space and invention on grassroots governance. On the whole, the training helped leaders for woman's homes learn more about its background, objectives and approaches theoretically and guidance on woman's homes operation practically.

On September 25 trainees were grouped into three to visit woman's homes upgraded from 2018 to 2019 in Hongkou, Chongming and Jinshan Districts and shared with the homes their experiences in upgrading. On the same day, trainees were brought into six groups again for talking to each other their unique strength in running woman's homes, discussed over doubts they commonly concerned and seek for best answers for them in the future.

It was planned that woman's homes under the training were allowed to plan for upgrading and SWF would send out its supervisors for guidance.