Executive Vice Chairperson from Hungarian Congress at SWF for a Cordial Visit

On September 10, Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF met with Matrai Marta, executive vice chairperson of the Hungarian Congress at her office. The Hungarian group was companied by Zheng Shuna from the Chinese People's Congress, Lin Yinmao, from the local Congress, Weng Wenlei from SWF and Bo Lan from Hungarian Consulate-General to Shanghai.

Xu from SWf briefed the visiting group an introduction to Women's involvement in local advancement in politics, economy, social affairs and culture, as well as a localized effort to ensure a women-friendly environment to benefit Shanghai women advancement. The hostess expected to carry out exchanges with the Hungarian women groups in this regard in the days to come.

After the conversation, the Hungarian group was led to visit Jing-guo-yuan, a center offering services to local women, which was a show case for the other SWF institutions.