A Tour Organized to Enhance the Drive for Beautifying Courtyard

As a part of Harvest Festival for Chinese Farmers' 2019, a drive for beautify courtyard sponsored by SWF, had its meeting for enhancement at Hui-nan Township, Pudong District, where was a division for the Festival.

The tour for enhancement of the drive included visits to one of villages with a couple of courtyards available for observation and a round-table meeting to encourage best practices exchanged among Districts of Pudong, Jinshan and Chongming.

Based on best practices at Pudong District, 20 thousand executives at grass-roots contributed a lot to the drive in helping setting up micro-woman homes, digging in cultural resources unique of Pudong and developing a beautified courtyard model of its kind. So far, the drive has drawn more organizations to put their hands in. Best practices from Jinshan District was a different story, in which woman organizations found themselves easily approached by women at grass-roots in forms of mini-woman homes, mini-councils and etc. SWF Chongming Division lost no time to organize groups of thousand executives, thousand greening demonstrators, thousand advertisers and thousand supervisors to play an effective role in the drive.

As it explained that the drive was an important tool for invigorating economy in countryside, as well as an impetus to the enhancement of family advancement. From 2019 on, nine districts have thrown themselves into the drive.