Celebration of PRC for its 70th Anniversary by Female Photographers in Shanghai

On September 22, Division for Female Photographers hosted a program to mark PRC 70th birthday by exhibiting their pictures together with poem-reading.

More than 20 female photographers went to the front to show off their work pieces and read poems over them. Though female photographers were not good enough at poem reading in terms of standard language they used, however they were all in a high mood from very beginning until end. The program was ended with a group singing of a song, "My Motherland and Me" against saxophone. A preparation for the program started at the beginning of this year, a new form of presentation created this time had drawn 100 female photographers to join in piece of creation. Before the show-off, more than 400 pieces of work were handed in, out of which 59 were recognized excellent pieces.

At the event, some photographers issued their latest information on photographing and a specialist presented a lecture on skills concerning picture-taking.