Red-flag-banners at University to Exchanges Idea with students

On September 18, the first themed lecture on ideology and politics was held at the East-china University of Politics and Laws.

Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, Guo Wei-lu, head of CPC University Chapter attended the lecture with Qin Chang, hostess of Shanghai Radio chaired the opening ceremony.Over 200 people present at the lecture, either were Red-flag-banners or student from the university.

Three Red-flag-banners from brigade for searching people in danger, local procuratorate and mass media gave a lecture one after another to share with the students their stories in which they got matured along with the growth of PRC. The lecture series were designed by SWF to inspire women workers to keep in pace with the advancement of their motherland and weave their personal ambitions into that of our nation. It was also in a hope the lecturing would do students a lot of good!

A group for Red-flag-banner lecturers was made up of those awarded with city-wide honor and above. In the past year, 40 lectures were given to schools, workshops and communities. The themed lecture this year was designed for university students, with freshmen in particular. The topics covered would be faith, science and technology and invention, urban development and business starting and more than 20 lectures were expected to offer.