Preparing for the Coming International Import Exposition

On September 16, SWF together with Shanghai Trade Union declared an Alliance setup for Jing-guo-wen-ming-gang, model service posts named by the above-mentioned institutes.

Xu Feng, Chairperson of SWF arrived at the spot and made a speech to audience there. VIPs from SWF, Trade Union and Shanghai Commissions for Science &Technology and Health were also present at the ceremony. Wang Jianzhang, vice chairperson of SWF chaired the event.

Model posts recognized were expected to take a lead in offering excellent service to the participants to the Exposition, which was designed as one of showcases of Shanghai service industry with high quality. Woman service workers were encouraged to do their best to facilitate enhancement of four sectors of business as service industry, Shanghai-made production and shopping and cultural life in Shanghai. Women entrepreneurs would group up to take part in the Exposition, which was the first time for them to do to impress the organizer their gender strength.

For more than 20 years, the drive for woman workers to compete in contributions made to their motherland, has been expended to reach new areas, new business models, new layers of class and new groups as many as it could, in a bid to use it as a stage to witness women talents growth.

Since 1994, there are altogether 500 nation-wide model posts recognized and 6000 city-wide, which were quite active across all walks of life and well behaved in many national and city important events. On the eve of the 2nd International Import Exposition, woman workers at the model posts were determined to contribute their bit to ensure the Exposition a great success.