Women of Minority Nationality from Three Areas gathered in Shanghai to Mark 70th Anniversary of PRC

On September 8 to 12, women from Kashgar, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region and Golog, Qinghai Province came to Shanghai for exchanges at the invitation of Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF).

On September 9, Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF called on the women group out of town with a seasonal greeting from Shanghai women. Later, an exchange program for women of four cities was announced open at Jing-guo-yuan, at which, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF made a welcome speech to all the participants and presented them as well an introduction to Shanghai advance in economic and social development and best practices in Shanghai women's advancement. Group leaders from three areas addressed at the even respectively to extend their thankfulness to the local hostess, an appreciation over the arrangement for exchanges among women of four cities and expectation to enhance learning and friendship. VIPs from the department concerned of the local government were invited to the event.

During their three days in Shanghai, women out of town were invited to a couple of field visits as site for CPC where its first congress was held, Guidance Center for Women and Children, women homes at Qingpu District, a public training center for business - starters and a ceremony to award those winners in contest for their best business-start scripts. Women from Qinghai Province enjoyed a script to support an on-line-remote-screening over congenital heart disease and discussed it with the provider a possibility for cooperation in the days to come.

On the evening of September 11, women of three areas shared with each their gainings from the exchange program with a common positive comment over it. Most of women on the groups were grateful to SWF for its hospitality shown to them and pledged to bring back affection SWF extended to her local clients and pass it to their own clients.