SWF Younger Staff Trained in 2019

SWF entrusted its women cadres school to run a training course in the benefit of younger staff at SWF from September 4 to 6 under a subject of loving China, enhancing younger generation. 28 younger staff with excellent performance were recruited for the training.

Sun Mei'e did an orientation for the class by requesting them to understand the significance of the training class from three angles as to satisfy a need of the younger staff, a need for organization reform and a need for the themed educational drive in action at present. Sun stressed that a close-up training program would do staff good in ideas exchanges among themselves, understanding each other better and paving a way for job rotation. Sun urged the younger staff at the class to balance well their tasks for study and work, try their best to learn more and learn better and show them off as a qualified staff for SWF soon.

The Women Cadres School presented the staff with a diversified curriculum, which covered many topics as equity between women and men, study on President Xi's instruction over Shanghai development and personal experience shared by younger staff from the grass-roots. The younger staff had a couple of field trips during the training as a visit to a town in the countryside and a visit to Shanghai Municipal Archive. The training course was ended with ideas-sharing among staff at the training, who were pledged to do better by putting what learnt from the class into practice in the days to come.