A combined Effort to Enhance Children's Growth -- A Weekly Program Issued to Back up Shanghai Family Education' 2019

On September 4, a weekly project under theme of a combined effort to enhance children growth was issued at Fengxian District.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF, Li Xin, deputy director of Shanghai Educational Authority, Yuan Yuan, deputy director of Fengxian District, and Cai Weiming, deputy director of Shanghai Office for Civilization attended the event. Over 500 people were present. They were from district-level women organizations, educational authorities, schools and bases for family education guidance.

VIPs from different institutions announced the curriculum on the air open for the public with a service center regarding family education unveiled at the same time. The center was designed to be a vanguard in offering services in this respect, culturing more centers available to meet needs and going ahead with something new for trial in the days to come.

So far, 211 schools were rewarded models for family education in the year of 2019, among whom, speakers from Gulu Kindergarten, No.3 Key School at Baoshan District and Zhaowen School at Fengxian District shared their experiences with the audients on family education.

Li Xing from the local educational authority pointed out, with regard to a new situation and tasks ahead of us, that we all should give an enough attention to difficulties and problems derived from moral education project practiced from primary school to university. It was important to improve guidance offered to family education to ensure its effectiveness, up-grade skills for family education among parents and enhance a climate for a close co-operation between schools and families.