Autumn-term-class Started by Shanghai Girls School of Creation

On September 2, 2019 Shanghai Girls School of Creation had its class for Autumn Term started at Shanghai Airport Group, with 100 Red-Flag-Banners coming from all walks of life present at class.

During their stay at the Airport, Participants to the class visited the third phase project for Pudong Airport and enjoyed its first-class workmanship at its Satellite Hall, the biggest of its kind in the world.

The participants listened to an introduction on a history of development for Shanghai Airport, its present situation and vista presented by Ma Jiehua, chief of Department for Strategic Development attached to the Airport Group.

Wu Na, Director in charge of security and operation insurance made a presentation on doing a good job to keep the door to airport safe and offering a better service with her dedicated effort, which certainly reflected charm for female workers in Shanghai city.

During their visit to the third phase of the project for the Airport, participants witnessed progress made by the Airport and learned better what the third phase of the project means to China.

Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF recognized the school its study model and she urged the school to produce a model for the similar schools to follow, which was expected to facilitate work on women invention, draw attention of women as many as possible and absorb more resources to make it a great success.