SWF Leadership at Shanghai Federation for Entrepreneurs for Collaboration

On June 24, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF and Du Songyang, president of Shanghai Society for Women Entrepreneurs went to Shanghai Federation for Entrepreneurs for a visit to enhance relationship between the Federation and the Society. Jiang Suping, vice president of the Federation and his colleague attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Jiang briefed the coming group a general picture of the Federation for Entrepreneurs. He stressed that the Federation kept for a long time in bridging gaps between government and entrepreneurs and played an important role in counselling entrepreneurs in their economic advancement. Du briefed the hosts a general picture about her Society. She mentioned that Shanghai was happier to witness more and more female entrepreneurs active and popular in the local business community, however the group for female entrepreneurs was still not strong enough, which demanded more support from the local business community. She furthered that the Society tried its best in inspiring younger women to start business on their own and calling for assistance from the local government to take care of female entrepreneurs based on needs and demands gathered from her surveys.

Weng responded that SWF always did what it can to provide the Society and its membership with a broad stage for advancement by giving a wide publicity to excellent female entrepreneurs from time to time. She also asked the Federation to keep in touch with the Society for collaboration and for assistance, especially in creating a friendly environment for all entrepreneurs.