Inquiry tour at Putuo District

On June 26, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng went to Putuo District for an inquiry into women's needs. Jiang Dongdong, deputy secretary-general of CPC Putuo Division, Wang Ju, deputy district director and leadership from departments concerned joined the inquiry tour. The purpose of the tour was to give more attention to women entrepreneurs in their advancement, homes for women enhancement and involvement of SWF at grass-roots governance.

During her tour, Xu called at Wang Yanbo at her company, a Red-Banner Pace-Setter for the city and encouraged her to keep up her performance and do more to the local economic development. Then, Xu visited a home for women, a shared garden for vegetables and points for garbage classification, where she urged woman models to play a unique role in the community governance. In addition, Xu toured a center for CPC enhancement, a history room for Zhen-Ru Township, shared canteen and etc.

After the tour, Xu asked for a meeting, at which the local SWF chapter gave an introduction to its programs to facilitate women's advancement and its difficulties remined as shortage of funding. Participants from all walks of life presented their comments and suggestions at the meeting as well. In the end, Xu put forward her four requirements to her staff in Putuo as doing a good job in grass-roots enhancement, guiding women to play a leading role in community governance, offering help and assistance right to fit women's needs and reaching executives at grass-roots in no time.