SWF Leadership at Yang-Pu Division for Research

On June 25, SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei went to Yangpu Division to gain first-hand information about invention and business-starting issues among women. Jin Xueping, chairperson of Women Federation in Yangpu District and He Yunrong, vice chairperson of Women Federation of Yangpu District accompanied the research tour.

Yang Ceng, vice president for Academy of Invention and Business-starting in Yangpu District gave an introduction to its program. In his talk, he mentioned that the Academy different from the regular ones, was an institute for adult education. It aimed at offering its courses to enterprises and individual business-starters only. Weng commented that the Academy was excellent in its unique service fitting the needs of its clients. She wished the institute keep to its feature and become a leader of its kind in Shanghai. Weng disclosed that SWF would like to find out an approach for collaboration with the Academy to benefit more female inventors and business-starters in the days to come.