Lesson on CPC Enhancement Arranged at the Site for the CPC 2nd Congress

On June 17, CPC members from SWF went to visit a site for CPC 2nd Congress since it was founded, as a part of learning project under a theme of remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind.

A lesson on CPC enhancement was arranged on the site to help staff review what CPC wanted to bring about in its woman program at the very beginning. The lesson was chaired by SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, with over 50 staff on the spot.

During the course, SWF staff watched video, toured exhibition halls and listened to You Wei, Curator of the CPC Museum for the 2nd Congress, his introduction to an evolution of CPC Constitution. Afterwards, another lecture was offered by Pro. Chen Yan from Fudan University on CPC women's movement since CPC was born.

After the tour, SWF staff came to have a better understanding of the significance of the 2nd CPC Congress, CPC's goal for woman's movement to begin with, and progress for CPC's woman movement ever since.

SWF staff were determined to stick to CPC's goal first designed for woman's movement, bear in mind and Present Xi's instruction on women advancement and women's affairs, while updating their consciousness and ability to ensure doing a better job in the days to come.