Homes for Women at Bao-Shan District Under Survey

On June 14, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng and SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e, led a group to have a spot survey of two homes for women in Baoshan District. Zhang Xiaojin, vice chairperson of Women Federation of Baoshan District accompanied the survey group.

Base on a spot survey of homes for women, Xu listened to a brief introduction to general practice a women council and homes for women did in the benefit of local women. During the survey, Xu asked about how often women came to homes for women, whether they were satisfied with programs and their comments and suggestions. Xu recognized performance presented by the local women and encouraged them to participate in community governance further.

At a talk, Xu also recognized practices of local women federation involved in areas of community governance and an assistance offered to women and children, after listening to their briefings. Xu further urged staff at grass-roots to follow CPC's instructions, carry out programs to best fit the very needs of local women, children and their families and she encouraged executives at grass-roots to give a full play to grass-roots advancement and bring about more best practices for others to learn from.