"Female-Workers Outstanding in Workmanship" and "Best in Double-Learning and Double-Contests" 2019 Started in Shanghai

On June 12, a meeting was held at Shanghai City Hall to mark a start of two projects for recognizing outstanding female workers in their workmanship and services to the local communities. 100 SWF staff and liaison staff from departments concerned attended the meeting with three speakers sharing with the meeting their best practices.

Since 2018, seven contests for best drafts for starting business to support the project "Female-Workers Outstanding in Workmanship" were organized to benefit over 10 thousand candidates, based on over 60 training and forums offered to the candidates. While 39 projects, 144 experiment-models were carried out to attract 13,000 women workers involved and 1,690 female-farmers inspired to start their private farms. Videos for learning course were polished and updated afterwards to back up 52 lessons carried out at 9 districts with over 20,000 female farmers at the course. In addition, 74 services in four categories as care for senior Red-Banner Holders, prevention for domestic violence, attention to lost-child families and family education were provided to those in need. In addition, 24 projects were designed to identify business-starters focused on public service to families in need.

SWF was to precede its appraisal and selection to support two projects of the above-mentioned and more programs related were ready to initiate along with to mark the 70's anniversary of the founding of PRC.

Peng Chenglei, vice mayor of Shanghai attended the meeting and made a speech to support the projects. Zhao Zhuping, deputy secretary-general of the city hosted the meeting and SWF Chairperson Xu Feng presented a sum-up report and plan for the next step.