Themed Learning Project Orientated in SWF

According to directions from the Central Committee, CPC and CPC Shanghai Division, SWF initiated its orientation among its staff on the theme of staying true to the original self and bearing in mind missions assigned. More than 90 staff and retired attended the orientation with Zhang Wangyao in charge of No.7 supervision group at the gathering for a talk.

Xu said in her orientation that all staff should do a good job in understanding the theme learning project, including its significance, its tasks, its general requirement and its goal. Xu asked her colleagues to put what have learned into practice and strive to play a leading role in the local economic and social advancement to justify their aspirations and missions assigned.

Zhang in charge of supervision group No.7 made a speech at the orientation as well. In his speech, he stressed that a theme learning project-staying true to the original self and bearing in mind missions assigned was needed to be linked with the accomplishment of current tasks. Staff were advised to focus on key elements of the learning project and practice according to instructions.

The other VIPs as Hu Ming, deputy director for the No.7 supervision group, Zhang Hong, supervisor from the City Supervision Authority and Sun Mei'e, Liu Qi and Ge Yingming, vice chairpersons of SWF also attended the orientation.