Research at Autism Training Center in Chang-Ning District

On June 11, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, Zhu Qianwei, deputy administrator for Shanghai Commission for Women and Children Advancement and Fu Chuanqi, director of Shanghai Rehabilitation Center visited two autism training centers to get first-hand information related.

Lu Ming, secretary-general of Xinhua Residential Committee, Wei Guolin, deputy chairperson of Women's Federation of Changning District and Lin Yan, vice president of Changning Association for Disabled joined the research tour.

Xu of SWF and her group had a talk with responsible people from the two training centers to understand better their programs for institutional development, human resources and funds available to run centers and staff to support training programs, including their learning background and appraisal for human resource development. Xu indicated that a unified effort from all resources was demanded to ensure goals assigned both by the 4th meeting for advancement of women and children and the 13th five-year agenda for women and children met at timing as Agendas required. She made it clear afterwards that rehabilitation of children suffered by autism should be tackled with in on time to guarantee every child cared, respected and lead a happy life.