Alliance for Female Media-Workers Announced its Birth

An Alliance for female media-workers was announced its presence at 1933 Shanghai in Hongkou District on June 4. Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF, Wu Qiang, director of the Hongkou Publicity Department Dept and VIPS from the related departments joined its celebration.

Wu commented that the Alliance, the first of its kind setup in Hong-Kou was of great significance. He wished it to contribute its bit to the combination of new media with 5G application, in an aim to guide more female media-workers to create wonders and realize dreams with their efforts and talents right at Hongkou District. Wu further predicated that female media-workers became more and more popular in areas of new media, science and technology. The Alliance was founded by 16 media related unites and business. Ye Tan, a famous critic for finance and economy was honored honorary president for the institute. Liu Yao, CEO for Shanghai Chengnian Chinese Culture Publication Company was honored president for the Alliance. A group of professionals like Li Xuelin from Shanghai Online Safety and Informatization Office, Zhang Weiming from Jiao Tong University, Qin Chang from Shanghai Radio were invited as its advisers.

After the opening ceremony, a forum was arranged right afterwards, at which five female media-workers presented their viewpoints over a couple of heated topics. The Alliance was going to arrange a group of programs to ensure its members to have enough opportunities to share and to gain.