Women's Home Measured for Good

SWF send seven teams out to appraise 26 women's homes that won the first-round appraisal for re-marking program later afterwards. The appraisal included a spot survey, interviews with targeted clients, written records checking and questions and answers. The purpose of appraisal was to remark homes for women in Shanghai.

The re-marking program to enhance homes for women was a task issued at the 15th Congress for women in Shanghai, in which it was to upgrade quality of services offered by homes for women at grass-roots, so as to ensure them popular, reachable and well accepted. The program from 2018-2019 so far has attracted 100 homes for women to bid for a higher rank. The appraisal did recently was headed by SWF executives, professionals and departments related from local community.

The appraisal would end with a list of homes for women with honor of seniority for their service of higher quality and the best ten homes for women among the honored would be further honored as Jin-Guo-Civilization-Posts. SWF promised to give a preferential assistance to help honored Senior-homes-for-women to get enhanced in the days to come through training, supervision and resource provision.