Run for Charity-Shanghai Kids Marathon

On June 2,4000 kids and their parents broke through the mark line to start Shanghai Kids Marathon' 2019, which was jointly hosted by Shanghai Women's Federation, the City Authority for Sports, Shanghai Children Foundation and East Best & Lansheng (Group)Company to mark the International Children's Day. VIPs as Yang Dinghua, honorary president of Shanghai Children's Foundation (SCF), Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF, Wang Luning, president of SCF, Liu Qi, vice chairperson of SWF, Song Hui, deputy director of the Authority of Sports, Cao Wei, president of East Best & Lansheng Group and Chen Yiping in charge of Marathon series in Shanghai attended the event.

Xu of SWF, on behalf of the organizers, addressed the participants before the game start. In her address, she mentioned purposes of initiating Marathon for kids and their families as to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC and wished kids and their families to enjoy sports and pursuit a healthy way of life to keep fit. She also mentioned that Marathon was conducive to helping kids make light of difficulties and enjoy team cooperation. Xu further mentioned that the organizers would be more than happier to see children find families important to them through the game, so as to cherish their time with their parents and carry on family's tradition without any hesitation.

12 business companies presented their donations to Shanghai Children's Foundation with 13 million yuan in total. The donators included Construction Bank, Jade Buddha Temple, Dacheng Foundation, Shanghai Lonyer Fuels Company, Shanghai Bank and Shanghai Tobacco Group. Shanghai East Best & Lansheng (Group)Company donated 40% of registration fees for Marathon to SFC.