The 4th Annual Meeting for Women & Children Held to Mark Progress Achieved

On May 31, Zong Ming, deputy mayor of Shanghai Government in charge of women and children affairs, attended the 4th Annual Meeting held by Shanghai Commission for Advancement of Women and Children.

In her speech, Zong recognized progress achieved when Agendas for women and children were implemented along with the 13th City Five-Year-Plan. She further urged her staff to strive for an all-round advancement for women and children in the next step by renewing social governance and intensifying ground work for local communities, so as to ensure children to be benefited from health service, education and welfare program first and women and children advancing paralleled to city's advancement in social and economic life by firmly protecting women and children's legal rights.

Xu Feng, SWF Chairperson and deputy director to the Commission presented an annual report to the audience, while Gu Jinshan, deputy secretary-general to the city government chaired the meeting. A document on seeking for an advancement of high quality for women and children issued after the meeting.

The meeting disclosed a recent research on happiness index for Shanghai women, which was raised to 4.17 against 3.54 in year of 2014 based on a five-grade marking system measurement. The Index indicated in details that life expectancy for Shanghai women in the past few years kept increased, as 86.08 years old in 2018 for women against 81.25 years old for men. Death rates for pregnant women, infants and children under five years old who registered with the city kept decreased year by year, which hit the highest standard for human development. In addition, the role Shanghai women played in the economic life became unique with 44.8% female professionals and 28.44% female researchers of the total active as their male partners; 2.76 million female workers were found at all lines of economic production; out of total employees in the city, 40.6% were women. The statistics further showed women-headed business of private sector increased from 6.8% to 11.3%.

Since the Commission understood that the 13th Agenda was at its final stage before the end of the current five-year-plan-period, therefore, the meeting called for an attention to un-balanced development existed and to difficulties remained with seniority, kids and services out of date or out of reach, in an aim to improve women's fitness and life quality with special care to senior women to ensure their life with quality. The meeting further called for an attention to teenagers as well, as the summer holiday approached. The word came that by the year of 2020, the city was to have 50 children-friendly community models set up.

The meeting later witnessed six individuals and four units awarded with Magnolia Medals for their contributions to the advancement of women and children in Shanghai. The Magnolia Medal was the highest honor in the respect so far, which started since 1988 with 61 individuals and 28 units recognized.