Training Course 2019 for Nurses from Yunnan Province held in Kunming

Shanghai Service and Guidance Center for Women and Children, SWF hosted a training course for ready-to-be nurses, caring new-born babies and breeding mothers in Kunming of Yunnan Province, together with its co-partners, Shanghai Association for Domestic Services and Yunnan Women's Federation (YWF).

He Hongmei, chairperson of YWF, attended the opening with Ji Guanqin, vice chairperson of YWF chaired the opening. Xu Jiahong from Shanghai was present at the event, too. 185 women out of jobs were registered with the project and ready to be trained soon.

He made a speech at the opening, in which, she pointed out that it was a measure taken to answer a need from country women to find jobs and a need from citizens seeking for nurses, caring for babies and elderlies based on a co-operation agreement between SWF and YWF. Regarding problems left for the domestic service, He urged trainees to upgrade themselves according to professional qualification by enhancing their competence and ability, persisting in learning new skills, so as to do a good job in helping women clients and families.

Ji of YWF wished to see nurses under training more qualified in their skills and service in the days to come. Xu encouraged trainees to study hard and welcome them to find jobs in Shanghai to justify a goal "One at job, a household released from poverty".

As a part of project to assist Yunnan Province, the training program was to provide trainees from Yunnan province with nursing skills free of charge, including charges for training, boarding and recommendation for jobs. The course for the training was featured with a combination of theory and practice based on a wide coverage of nursing. The course would be coupled with skill-evaluation exams, which passed trainees with certificates for being qualified nurses. Trainers promised to offered trainees follow-up consultation for job and in-service-training as well afterwards.