Lecture Series on Invention by Shanghai Women open

On August 29, Lecture series was open at Jing Guoyuan, Women Center attached to SWF. All lectures were to present the audience charms of those time-honored brands in Shanghai.

The program was to lead 50 Red-Flag Banners from all walks of life to find out new approaches for the upgrading and further development of some time-honored brands. Li Yanling, president of the Association for Red-Flag Banners and Shao Yuling, vice president of the Association for Branded Businesswoman were present at the meeting and made speeches as well.

Huili Brand sport registered in 1935 has been one of the best domestic products in the Chinese history. The grandpa-old brand as a collective memory of generations regained vitality in its style-reform in the new age.

Shanghai A-mi Children's Food Company, with its predecessor being the "Happy Foods" founded in 1941, used to be a star product among the post 80s. And it is now on its way leading the market again by segmentation of the market, such as sugar-free products.

The story told that lecture series on invention was another program similar to those since the Association started to lead members of the Association to get close to those branded business and invigorate them to satisfy the market and clients.