"My Motherland, My Hometown"--Themed Project Issued to Mark International Children's Day

On the eve of the International Children's Day, Shanghai Center for Child-Nursing in a Feasible Way hosted a project named "My Motherland, My Home Town" together with SWF Divisions in Districts of Jinshan, Xuhui and Songjiang.

The project is a part of a branding program for the center under a theme of "Growing up together between Parents and Children". The theme in 2019 was designed to inspire children to cherish their motherland all the more, enhance their personal knowledge, wills and fitness and strengthen a relationship between parents and children to ensure family peace and safe. Based on a report, different programs were carried out in different districts, with programs in Jinshan Districts featured in a field trip arranged for families to green bushes, in Xuhui featured in a family visit to pursue historic sites for CPC in Shanghai, in Song-Jiang District featured in a discovery trip to trace Shanghai roots by families.

All districts joined the project arranged more than 20 kinds of games available for families and their children each, which impressed all participants relucdent to leave upon the end. Some of the games as "Healthy Family", "Green Family" certainly helped children learn to set up good habits for food and for keep environment clean.Some of the games helped parents to enhance their relationship with their kids.