Women Delegation from the Republic of Congo at Shanghai

On May 22-24, a women delegation headed by administrator of Women Advancement and Development Mainstreaming Ministry, the Republic Of Congo arrived at Shanghai for a three-day visit. Zong Ming, deputy mayor of Shanghai received the group and Xu Feng, Weng Wenlei and Wang Jianzhang from SWF joined the interview, discussions and visits.

Zong briefed the group how women got involved in political, economic, social and cultural advancement for Shanghai. Xu gave an introduction to SWF programs and its efforts to enhance equity between men and women and social climate for women's development in honor of the coming visitors. The Minister form Congo group admired Shanghai Women's achievement and expressed her wish to seek cooperation with SWF in the future in areas as women knowledge renewal and skill-learning. The coming group visited a vegetable cooperative afterwards and had a talk with women farmers in charge of vegetable production, home for local women in Qingpu District and Shanghai School for Women Leaders run by SWF.

The Republic of Congo is a country friendly to China with a tradition. The Ministry for Women Advancement functions an organ in charge of women affairs in Congo, which has enjoyed a good relationship with All-China Women's Federation for years. The Minister has been extended her friendliness to China and expected to visit China for a couple of times. Her trip to China this time was to put into practice achievements scored from China-Africa Forum for Cooperation in 2018, in a bid to deepen exchanges and collaborations between women of two countries, which is conducive to all-round advancement of relationship between China and Africa and China and Congo. Her trip to Shanghai justified a part of her expectation to have a better understanding of Chinese women advancement and seek opportunities for further exchanges and collaboration.